Vegetable Pizza:-

Pizza is a flatbread originated in Italy. It can be topped with any kind of vegetable you like but alongwith them its main ingredient is mozarella cheese. You can also add other cheese also in it but mozarella is must. Everyone loves pizza even I too. To make pizza, we require Pizza Base which you can prepare... Continue Reading →

Pizza Base:-

Pizza! I don't have to say much about it because everyone knows pizza. Everyone loves pizza. To prepare it, first we have to prepare its base which is the main ingredient and today I tell you how to prepare it and it is very easy. So lets start:- Ingredients All Purpose Flour (Maida):- 2 cup... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower (Gobhi) Fritters (Pakode):-

Fritters are an amazing recipe for monsoon season and here, in India monsoon rains have come and people start to prepare different types of fritters at their homes. Today, we prepare cauliflower fritters and you can enjoy these fritters with a cup of hot tea. You can take them for breakfast or as a evening... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Tomato Dry Curry:-

Recently, around 3-4 days ago I made this dry curry and then Wow! It turns out finger licking delicious recipe. However, I made this curry many times before also but I didn't note in my diary the amount of ingredients used in this curry because I did't have blog before 😃 so this time when... Continue Reading →

Everlasting Blogger Award:-

Hello Friends, Recently I've been nominated for 3 awards by my fellow bloggers  Nilla,  Anusha and Swati  They are very kind to me to nominate me for unique, sunshine and mystery blogger award but then I think why don't I create a award myself and nominate best bloggers for it, bloggers who deserve it most. So I... Continue Reading →


Poori is a deep fried Indian Bread. It is eaten for lunch meals, dinner and breakfast. It can be called as a carriers for curries and bhajis. Poori is also served at special or ceremonial functions as part of ceremonial rituals along with other vegetarian food offered in prayer as prasad. It can be prepared in... Continue Reading →

Potato Stuffed Sandwiches:-

Sandwiches! No doubt everyone's favourite. They can be prepared with different stuffings like:- cabbage stuffed, potato stuffed and cheezy spinach corn stuffed etc. but today we prepare potato stuffed sandwiches which is very easy and instant recipe. It tastes so much delicious and I bet you'll enjoy this recipe everytime you prepare it. So, lets start preparing... Continue Reading →

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