Gujiya or Gunji:-

Gujiya is a sweet dumpling made with maida flour and stuffed with grated coconut, boora and khoya. This sweet is mostly prepared on occassion of Holi (festival of colours) and you all know that tomorrow is Holi. So, lets start preparing Gujiya, Ingredients For Dough:- Refined Flour (Maida):- 1 kg (5 cup) Ghee (for Moyan):-... Continue Reading →


Gajar Halwa (Carrot Pudding)

Gajar ka halwa, also known as gajorer halwa, is a carrot-based sweet dessert pudding from the Indian subcontinent. Gajar ka halwa is a combination of nuts, milk, sugar, khoya and ghee with grated carrot. The dessert is traditionally eaten during all of the festivals in India, mainly on the occasion of Diwali, Holi, Eid al-Fitr... Continue Reading →

Til-Mawa Laddoo

Laddoo are sphere-shaped sweets originated in the Indian subcontinent. They are often served at festive or religious occasions. They are of many type such as:- besan laddoo, mawa laddoo, til gud laddoo, moti-choor laddoo etc. Today we prepare til-mawa laddoo which are eaten mostly during winter season or on Makar Sakranti festival. Also they are... Continue Reading →

Moong Dal Halwa:- 

Moong Dal Halwa is a lentil based halwa prepared from mung (split green gram) lentils. It can be served as sweet or dessert, also, it is a famous sweet in Indian weddings. Moong dal halwa is prepared with plenty amount of ghee and you can see that in weddings that how the moong dal halwa... Continue Reading →


Ghewar is a Rajasthani disc-shaped sweet generally prepared in January for Makar Sankranti, in March–April for Gangaur and in July–August for the Teej festival. It has an exotic taste that you will instantly fall for it. It is generally purchased from sweet shops and some might say that ghevar can't be prepared at home but... Continue Reading →

Condensed Milk:- 

Condensed milk is milk from which water has been removed. It is most often found in the form of sweetened condensed milk (SCM), with sugar added. It is similar to mawa but thinner than it. Also mawa has cream layers dissolved in it but in condensed milk addition of baking soda prevents forming of cream... Continue Reading →


Malpua is a pancake served as a dessert, sweet or a snack. It is a very popular dish of Odisha and is also served to Lord Jagannath of Puri in his Sakala Dhupa (morning food served to the lord). Malpuas are very delicious sweet and everyone loves them. Malpua fried in desi ghee are so... Continue Reading →

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a milk-solid (mawa) based South Asian sweet, particularly popular in the India. Gulab jamun is a dessert often eaten at festivals, birthdays or major celebrations such as marriages and festivals. Gulab Jamuns are very delicious and mouth watering sweet and every Indian like them and I too love them. Gulab Jamun dipped... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Nut Candies:-

Chocolates! Who would not love to eat chocolates. Of Course, everyone love to eat them. Molded Chocolate Candies are very tasty and easy to prepare. So lets start preparing chocolate candies:- Ingredients Milk Compound:- 125 gms. White Compound:- 125 gms. Cashews:- 7-8 Raisins:- 15-20 Accessories Required:- Moulds Method For Double Boiler:- Take 2 deep pan... Continue Reading →

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