Bread Bonda

Bread Bonda is an Indian snack which is round deep dried snack, has a covering of bread and filled with potato stuffing. It is liked by everyone and you can have them in brunch, breakfast or in a breakfast for dinner. This crispy and crunchy bonda is a very delicious recipe which is irresistible. So... Continue Reading →


Vegetable Cutlet

Vegetable Cutlet is a croquette made of vegetables, spices, green chillies and cilantro. It is an easy and delicious recipe that is perfect for evening snacks. You can take them with tea, chutneys, dips or sauces. Vegetable Cutlet can also be used as burger patties and also, it is a robust recipe. So lets start... Continue Reading →

Mirchi Vada (Banana Pepper Cutlet)

Mirchi Vada is a spicy Indian snack consisting of banana pepper and potato stuffing, served hot with tomato sauce or occasionally with mint and tamarind chutney. This recipe is extremely delicious or appealing and if you are a fan of chillies and want to eat something spicy and tangy then this recipe is a best... Continue Reading →


Panipuri is a common street food in several regions of India. It is known for different names in different regions for eg. Gupchup, Fulki, Golgappa, Puchka, Pani Patashe etc. Golgappa consist of hollow crispy puri, filled with flavoured water of mint, tamarind chutney and aloo ka bhurta. It is a all time favourite snack of... Continue Reading →

Plain Rice (Chawal):- 

Rice is the staple food of over half the world's population. It is the predominant dietary energy source. Rice is cooked by boiling and absorbs water during cooking. Plain Cooked Rice mixed with ghee and boora or powdered sugar tastes so much delicious. They are generally eaten with dal, kadhi, pickle or chhole, also this... Continue Reading →

Sabudana (Sago) Vada:- 

Sabudana Vada, is a traditional deep fried snack from Maharashtra, India. It is often served with spicy green chutney and shredded cabbage along with hot tea (chai) and is best eaten fresh. Sabudana vada are the best option to have when religious fasting. 3 years ago I ate Sabudana Vadas 1st time at Isckon Temple... Continue Reading →

Mawa (Khoa or Condensed Milk)

Khoa is a dairy product widely used in the cuisines of India. It is made of milk thickened by heating in an open iron pan. The gradual vaporization of milk's water content leaves coagulated solids in milk, which is khoa. Mawa is used in most of the sweets of India and it is used as a... Continue Reading →

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