Gulgula Pua (Dumpling):-

Gulgula pua is a famous recipe of North India. It is a mouth watering and a very easy recipe. Its ingredients are very common and they can be found very easily in every cities. It can be prepared in two ways:- (1) By Sugar and (2) By Jaggery. Today I share Sugar Pua which tastes... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower (Gobhi) Fritters (Pakode):-

Fritters are an amazing recipe for monsoon season and here, in India monsoon rains have come and people start to prepare different types of fritters at their homes. Today, we prepare cauliflower fritters and you can enjoy these fritters with a cup of hot tea. You can take them for breakfast or as a evening... Continue Reading →


Poori is a deep fried Indian Bread. It is eaten for lunch meals, dinner and breakfast. It can be called as a carriers for curries and bhajis. Poori is also served at special or ceremonial functions as part of ceremonial rituals along with other vegetarian food offered in prayer as prasad. It can be prepared in... Continue Reading →

Rice (Chawal) Kheer:-

Kheer is a rice pudding from Indian Cuisine made by boiling rice with milk and sugar. It is typically served during a meal or as a dessert. It can also be flavoured with cardamom, almonds, cashews and raisins. Kheer is prepared in festivals, temples and all special occasions. Kheer prepared from broken rice is more... Continue Reading →

Sama Rice (Kodri Millet or Bhagar) Kheer:-

Sama Rice are used to prepare an Indian Dessert called Kheer and are consumed during festival fasting days. In Gujarati is called "Samo" or "Moriyo", in Marathi it is called 'bhagar' or "Vari cha Tandul", in Hindi it is called "Mordhan" (मोरधन) or "Sama ka chawal". They can be used to prepare khichadi also but... Continue Reading →

Pav Fritters (Pakode):-

Pav is an Indian Bread inspired from Portuguese bread paõ. It is little sweetened. Mostly it is used in Pav Bhaji recipe which I will share later. Now, I share Pav Fritters which is similar to Bread Fritters but difference in them is their thickness. Pav are thicker than bread so it gives more taste... Continue Reading →

Chickpea Flour (Besan) Halva:-

Halva is relatively dense confection sweetened with sugar or honey. Their textures, however, vary. For example, semolina-based halva is gelatinous and translucent, while sesame-based halva is drier and more crumbly. In global, popular usage it means "desserts" or "sweet". India has many types of halva, some unique to particular regions of the country. It is... Continue Reading →


Samosas are crunchier, heavily fried and a popular appetizer or snack in the local cuisines of India. They are eaten during the tea time and everyone likes their spicy taste. Mostly it is purchased from halwai in a market at the time of breakfast. But you can prepared them at home also and I'm going... Continue Reading →

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