Gujiya or Gunji:-

Gujiya is a sweet dumpling made with maida flour and stuffed with grated coconut, boora and khoya. This sweet is mostly prepared on occassion of Holi (festival of colours) and you all know that tomorrow is Holi. So, lets start preparing Gujiya,


For Dough:-

  1. Refined Flour (Maida):- 1 kg (5 cup)
  2. Ghee (for Moyan):- 250 gms (little less than 3/4 cup)

For Stuffing:-

  1. Khoya (Mawa):- 500 gms
  2. Grated Dry Coconut:- 350 gms
  3. Boora:- 350 gms
  4. Cashews:- 10-12 (Cutted)
  5. Raisins:- 14-15
  6. Ghee for frying gujiyas.


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  • Take a deep plate and put dough and ghee (for moyan) in it and mix them well. Now, add water little by little in it to make a stiff and soft dough. Our dough is ready.

Stuffing Preparation:-

  • Take a deep bowl and add mawa, grated coconut, boora, cutted cashews and raisins in it and mix all these ingredients well.

Gujiya Preparation:-

  • Draw out a piece big as lemon from the dough and make it round like ball with your hands by pressing alongwith rotating it in one direction till it becomes uniform.
  • Now, put that dough ball on rolling board and roll it round like roti upto 5 inch diameter.
  • After that, place that rolled roti on gujiya mould and then fill the small amount of stuffing in it. Apply some maida glue on that rolled roti at the curve side of mould to seal gujiya.
  • Now, fold rolled roti over stuffed portion and then close mould too and press it.
  • Now, open the mould and remove excess portion of rolled roti. Our gujiya is ready to fry. Take it out from mould to fry. Likewise, prepare other gujiyas.
  • Take a wok and add ghee in it for frying gujiyas. Let it heat and when the ghee is sufficiently hot add 5-6 gujiyas at a time to fry them. Fry gujiyas on low-medium flame by flipping them at certain intervals of time. It can take 10-12 min. to fry gujiyas on low flame.
  • Take them out by strainer in a plate. Our Gujiyas are ready to serve. Serve them and enjoy the sweet. Wish you all a very Happy Holi. ☺

Important Points

  1. Always use boora while preparing stuffing. Do not use powdered sugar because, if you use powdered sugar, it becomes melt and make gujiyas wet.
  2. Use boora after filtered it with tammy strainer.
  3. Preparing Maida Glue:- Take 1 tablespoon maida and add water little by little in it to make a paste like consistency. Our maida glue is ready to seal gujiyas.

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