Moong Dal Halwa:- 

Moong Dal Halwa is a lentil based halwa prepared from mung (split green gram) lentils. It can be served as sweet or dessert, also, it is a famous sweet in Indian weddings. Moong dal halwa is prepared with plenty amount of ghee and you can see that in weddings that how the moong dal halwa in the donga (vessel) is immersed in ghee. Moong dal halwa is an easy and delightful recipe and today, I’m going to share it with you. So lets start preparing this piquant sweet:-


  1. Dhuli Moong Dal (Split green gram):- 3/4 cup (unsoaked)
  2. Ghee (Clarified Butter):- 1.25 cup + 2 tablespoon
  3. Mawa:- 3/4 cup
  4. Sugar:- 1 cup
  5. Cashews:- 7-8
  6. Raisins:- 9-10
  7. Water:- 2 cup

1 Cup contains 140 ml. of water

Use 140 ml cup for every cup measurements.

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    • Soak moong dal in water for 4-5 hours then drain excess water and then make a fine paste of dal in a blender. Don’t add water in mung dal while grinding it.
    • Now, take a non-stick pan  and pour 1.25 cup ghee in it. Let it heat a little on a low flame. When the ghee melts then add mung dal paste in it and then continuously saute it for 30 min. on low flame.
    • You will see that mung dal paste is slightly changed in colour and then add mawa in it and saute for 1 more min. on low flame then turn off the gas.
    • Now, take a pan and add water and sugar in it. Let it heat and when the sugar will dissolves completely then turn off the gas. Our Sugar Syrup is ready.
    • Pour that sugar syrup in cooked moong dal paste and let it heat again on medium-high flame and continuously saute it till it attains a semi-liquid (halwa) consistency (say 2-3 min.). Also add 2 tablespoon ghee, cutted cashews and raisins in it while sauting (when most of the sugar syrup is soaked by roasted dal paste).
    • Our Moong Dal Halwa is  ready to serve. Serve it hot as sweet with any kind of meal and relish the dish.☺

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      Important Points

      1. Use non-stick pan as much as possible for roasting moong dal paste in ghee so that the paste will not stick to the pan.
      2. While you roast mung dal paste in pan, make sure that you saute paste continuously for atleast 20 min. so that paste will not stick to the pan. You will see after 20 min., it will not stick to the pan.
      3. Use amount of ghee equal to the amount of moong dal paste.
      4. Make sure that you will grind mung dal fine.
      5. Don’t make sugar syrup thick. As soon as it dissolves in water then turn off the gas and pour the syrup in roasted dal paste.

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        1. Aww! Thank you so so much #Kathrin. 😃 These recipes are themselves are so appetizing that everyone is swoon over them. 💜 I just made them and click them. Do give some of them try. Start with easy one. You will like them so much. I will soon share some cooking basics also. 😃😃

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      1. I am falling in love with your blog!! Such delicious dishes!!! And moong dal halwa has always been our favorite.. I mean the entire family loves it! I loved your malpua recipe also! where did you learn all this from? These are all such difficult cuisines!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I appreciate it. 😃 and from beginning to the present whatever I am, it is only because of my mother so indirectly, everything I learned is from my mother and trust me these cuisines are not difficult, they only require practice. Cooking is all about a practice. 😃😃

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          1. So true Pooja! Nut that is a big problem with sweet dishes. You know different sabjis .. we can keep trying.. but for every occasion we have a sweet or certain delicacies fixed! So we tend to make them only once in a year.. practicing them is very difficult .. at least for me!! But thank you once again for sharing all those lovely recipes!

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