Plain Rice (Chawal):- 

Rice is the staple food of over half the world’s population. It is the predominant dietary energy source. Rice is cooked by boiling and absorbs water during cooking. Plain Cooked Rice mixed with ghee and boora or powdered sugar tastes so much delicious. They are generally eaten with dal, kadhi, pickle or chhole, also this recipe is very easy to prepare. So lets start preparing it:-


  1. Rice:- 3 cup
  2. Water:- 6.5 cup (910 ml.)
  3. Boora (Tagar) or Powdered Sugar:-
  4. Ghee:- 1 tablespoon
  5. Ghee for serving rice:- around 3 tablespoon

1 Cup contains 140 ml. of water

Use 140 ml cup for every cup measurements.

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  1. Take rice in a bowl and pour 3-4 cup water in it and let them soak for 1/2 an hour and then drain excess water from them.
  2. After that, take a cooker and pour 6.5 cup water in it. Let it boil.
  3. After that, add soaked rice in it and then pour 1 tablespoon ghee in it and stir it with spoon.
  4. Cover the lid of cooker and take 2 whistles and then turn off the gas.
  5. Open the lid of cooker when all pressure will escape from cooker.
  6. Our Rice is ready.
  7. Now, take some rice in a plate and pour 3/4 to 1 tablespoon of ghee over it, also add 2-3 tablespoon boora or powdered sugar in it and mix them well with spoon.
  8. Serve them hot with dal, kadhi, pickle or chhole and relish the dish.

Important Point

  1. Always add 1-2 tablespoon of ghee in cooker before closing its lid. It will help to maintain rice grain separated and non sticky.


12 thoughts on “Plain Rice (Chawal):- 

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    1. Yeah! Sure #Karen.😀 I’ve go through your posts and I found that now a days you are concentrating on taking veg. diet so it is a best recipe for you, if you like. You can take them with Chhole. Thanks for appreciation. 😃😃


  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m moving to London tomorrow, and will be cooking for myself again. I’ll definitely add rice to the list of my staple foods – it’ll probably help with my budget too, since it’s quite affordable. I love to make just plain rice or pasta, and add different kinds of veggies or cheeses, depending on the day.

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