Pizza Base:-

Pizza! I don’t have to say much about it because everyone knows pizza. Everyone loves pizza. To prepare it, first we have to prepare its base which is the main ingredient and today I tell you how to prepare it and it is very easy. So lets start:-


  1. All Purpose Flour (Maida):- 2 cup
  2. Semolina (Soozi/Rava):- 2 tablespoon
  3. Dry Active Yeast/Instant Dry Yeast:- 3/4 teaspoon
  4. Ghee (for maun):- 1 teaspoon
  5. Salt:- 3/4 teaspoon
  6. Sugar:- 1/2 tablespoon
  7. Warm Water:- 1/2 cup

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  • Take a bowl and add maida, semolina, salt, sugar, yeast and ghee in it.
  • Now, pour small amount of water at a time alongwith collected maida from all side to knead a dough. Your dough should neither be tight nor be loose. Knead it until it is soft and smooth.
  • Put that dough aside and also cover it for 5 min. and then divide that dough in two equal pieces and make that pieces round like a ball (which is called ‘loi’) by pressing alongwith rotating it.
  • Take a rolling board then spread some maida over it and place that round piece (loi) on it and start to roll it with rolling pin. Rolled it round upto 11-12 cm dia. then prick it with knife or fork at some distance. Try to roll it from corners first and then from centre because centre tends to thin soon. Roll that base 1.5 cm thick.
  • Take steel plates or a baking tray and put greased (ghee/oil) butter paper over it and then place rolled base over it. Likewise, prepare another base.
  • Cover the bases with a cloth and let them stand for 1.5 to 2 hrs. so that they leaven (rise by fermentation).
  • After that, turn oven on and preheat it at 200ยฐC for 10 min. on TOAST mode.
  • Then, put that base with tray in it and set oven at 180ยฐC for 10 min. on TOAST mode.
  • Our pizza base is ready. Use it anytime to make pizza. Store them in a fridge and use within a week.

Important Points

  1. You can also use olive oil instead of ghee.
  2. Here I use OTG oven. Time may vary for baking pizza in different types of oven.

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