The traditional flat bread originating from the Indian subcontinent is known as roti.It can be called a carrier for curries or cooked vegetables. It has so much nutritions in it.Actually to make roti there is only one ingredient i.e.ย its dough, but process of roti involves an effort especially making it perfect round, ๐Ÿ˜€ but Don’t worry, no one is perfect even I took many years to make it perfect. You just have to practice because practice makes a man perfect. So here is the method to prepare roti:-

ย  ย  ย Ingredients

  1. Roti Dough
  2. Wheat Flour:- 1/4 cup

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  • Take a dough and draw out a piece big as lemon from the dough and make it round like ball with your hands by pressing alongwith rotating it in one direction till it becomes uniform.
  • Now dust that ball of dough with flour by lightly pressing it in flour and then flip the side and press it again.Dust it from edges also as shown in image.
  • Now put it on rolling board and roll it round upto 2.5 inch diameter and then again dust it from both sides and then roll it again with rolling pin upto 5 inch dia.Try to roll roties from edges not from centre.
  • Our rolled roti is ready for toast.Put tava on gas stove and turn on flame.
  • Now place roti on warm tava (concave iron griddle) and toast it till its upper surface turns slightly dark in colour and roti is no more sticking to tava.
  • Now flip it and toast another side till some brown spots appear on it.
  • Now remove the roti from tava and place it on flame from the side where no brown spots are present and toast it till some light brown spots started to appear on that side too.You should lift the roti again again with tong at some intervals of time while toasting to watch whether the brown spots appear or not and to make sure that roti is not burning.
  • Now flip it to another side and toast slightly (just for 2 sec.).
  • Your roti is ready.Grease it with ghee or butter.Serve roti with any king of vegetable curries (sabji).

Important Points

  1. Make sure that while you are preparing roti, flame of gas sets on medium.
  2. We don’t toast too much from the side where already some brown spots present because that side is already toast enough on tava.
  3. If by chance your dough becomes sticky and thin then dip your ball of dough in flour dust more times while rolling.
  4. Place rotis on tava when the tava is warm.Don’t place rotis on cool and hot tava otherwise they stick.




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