Mirchi Vada (Banana Pepper Cutlet)

Mirchi Vada is a spicy Indian snack consisting of banana pepper and potato stuffing, served hot with tomato sauce or occasionally with mint and tamarind chutney. This recipe is extremely delicious or appealing and if you are a fan of chillies and want to eat something spicy and tangy then this recipe is a best... Continue Reading →


Veg. Spring Rolls:-

Spring Rolls are filled or rolled appetizer found in Asian Cuisine. Spring rolls can be prepared with different kind of fillings inside a thinly wrapped cylindrical pastry but today we prepare vegetable filled spring rolls. Spring rolls are originated from China and they are consumed during the spring season, hence the name spring rolls. They... Continue Reading →

Cluster Beans Curry (Guar Phali):- 

Cluster beans dry curry is full of nutrients and a delicious curry. It has many health benefits and this is the season when greengrocers have cluster beans so today we prepare this curry. So lets start preparing it:- Ingredients Cluster Beans (Guar Phali):- 250 gms. Tomato:- 1 (medium) Salt:- 3/4 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder:- 1/2... Continue Reading →

Moong Dal Halwa:- 

Moong Dal Halwa is a lentil based halwa prepared from mung (split green gram) lentils. It can be served as sweet or dessert, also, it is a famous sweet in Indian weddings. Moong dal halwa is prepared with plenty amount of ghee and you can see that in weddings that how the moong dal halwa... Continue Reading →


Ghewar is a Rajasthani disc-shaped sweet generally prepared in January for Makar Sankranti, in March–April for Gangaur and in July–August for the Teej festival. It has an exotic taste that you will instantly fall for it. It is generally purchased from sweet shops and some might say that ghevar can't be prepared at home but... Continue Reading →

Loki (Bottle Gourd) Kofta Curry 

Loki Kofta Curry is very tasty as well as a healthy curry. Although, some people don't like bottle gourd curry very much but I'm sure this curry is totally different and you would like it so much, also you don't even know it contains bottle gourd in it. Chickpea flour covered gourd fritters dipped in... Continue Reading →


Panipuri is a common street food in several regions of India. It is known for different names in different regions for eg. Gupchup, Fulki, Golgappa, Puchka, Pani Patashe etc. Golgappa consist of hollow crispy puri, filled with flavoured water of mint, tamarind chutney and aloo ka bhurta. It is a all time favourite snack of... Continue Reading →

Condensed Milk:- 

Condensed milk is milk from which water has been removed. It is most often found in the form of sweetened condensed milk (SCM), with sugar added. It is similar to mawa but thinner than it. Also mawa has cream layers dissolved in it but in condensed milk addition of baking soda prevents forming of cream... Continue Reading →

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